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Q. What is a Dragon Bond?
A. Simply put, it is a security (financial instrument) issued out of Hong Kong but denominated in any other currency besides HK$. It may be a named security or bearer as the subscriber wishes. In our case it will be either a fixed income (zero coupon) or income yielding (quarterly coupon) i.e. interest payment type instrument.


Q. How do I subscribe for bonds from your company?
A. If you are not using a broker then simply go to our website and download either the Private Placement or Mutual Fund forms. Fill them in, scan them and email them to us along with a certified copy of your passport. We will respond by sending you the contract to sign after which bank details will be provided to you. Once the funds clear in our account the bond is issued for the time specified in your application forms and the certificates are couriered to your address if you do not collect them form our offices. We will keep you informed of company progress, new portfolios and added benefits to subscribers.

Q. How do I redeem by bonds at maturity?
A. 30 calendar days before the maturity date of your bonds we will contact you on the email you provided us on your application forms to verify that you are still in possession of the original certificate(s) which must be returned to us before we remit the face-value of the bonds to your account specified in those application forms. At this time we will also confirm that the same account is still active. Bank draft cheques can also be issued upon request.

Q. What if I need money before maturity?
A. Early redemption is only possible if we buy back the bonds at a discount. We only want happy customers so if for any unforeseen reason you need liquidity on short notice we will do everything in our power to accommodate you.

Q. Can I sell my bonds independently?
A. Yes, sale, cession as collateral and conversions options exist on these bonds and all we ask is that you inform us of the change in contact details if your bonds are named. Bearer bonds on the other hand will need to be cashed in person at maturity at our offices.

Q. Can anything go wrong – could I loose my money?
A. No – your Capital is guaranteed as all the necessary Key-man Assurance, Political Risk and Credit Wrap insurances will be in place to protect your investment. Most of our portfolios are secured on property and hard assets so rest easy and watch your money grow!

Q. How can you offer such high returns?
A. This is an infant fund with huge potential that does not have the same Capex as large well known funds who have big overheads. It passes the savings on to its investors and takes advantage of unique growth opportunities known only to the directors.

Q. What if I die or get divorced before my Bonds mature?
A. Each client is usually assisted in opening a Trust to hold the bonds – individuals thus very rarely invest in their own name. We suggest a Will is written up and left with lawyers to govern any eventuality of death or divorce. This will assist us with deciding who to pay out to in the event of no such trust being in place or if a company or partnership has been dissolved.

Q. What other benefits might there be if I invest in your bonds?
A. Subscribers who qualify will have membership cards to a Swedish Credit Union, this will entitle them to casino vouchers, timeshare holidays, group life assurance and such – all of which you will be notified of in the quarterly newsletter.